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YIG-20-MSA (Auto/semi-auto changeable) YIG-20-M (Semi-auto)
Range of hole diameters 8 to 200mm (dia)
Maximum grindable length 200mm
Swing over carriage 540mm (dia)
Swing within water-proof cover 370mm (dia)
Maximum carriage stroke 520mm
Carriage speed 0 to 9m/min Hydraulic stepless
Work head speed 30 to 800rpm Stepless with invertor
Spindle swivelling angle +15 dig
(+30dig with 200mm(dia) water-proof cover)
Wheel head infeed 0.005mm(dia)/scale-mark
(auto feed max0.9mm (dia) )
Maximum wheelhead stroke 100mm
Maximum work head stroke 200mm
cross 240mm
Motor Work head (1.5Kw 4P)
Wheel head (2.2Kw 2P)
Hydraulic pump (1.5Kw 4P)
Coolant pump (100w 2P)
Magnetic coolant sepa (25w 4P)
Oil cool unit (25w 4P)
Oil tank capacity 90L
Coolant tank capacity 120L
Required floor area 2,700*1,700mm
Net weight (Approx) 2,200Kg
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